ELTEC is a company working hard in electronic area with planning activity and production of electronic and electromechanical equipments both for civilian and for industrial use.

Born in the early 90th, it has at first lead its activity toward a little sequence production of logical controllers.

Lately it was built, on a custom project of the company, a multifunctional system for data acquiring, set on sale with useful applications in several area within environmental security.

Know how aquired and the more and more predominant use of technologies checked by microcontrollers and computerized systems, has promoted the growth in more complex areas, like the realization of automatic testing systems and different equipments, getting an interesting position on specialized area market.

Even if it presents itself as a little company, ELTEC works in cooperation with others companies offering the possibility to realize equipments based on customers’ specific demand, starting from mechanical and electronic planning, up to the building of a practical software totally customized, ensuring the possibility of answering to any particular modality of data acquisition and testing.