Every ELTEC equipment is auto-certified with reference to EC regulations.
Furthermore ELTEC has planned his own Quality System with reference to standard UNI EN ISO 9001.
All that only for guarantee at every time the quality of our product, the total availability of data and documentations, the continuous technical and operative support.

ufficio tecnico

Power point of our work is the maximal care to satisfy any demand of our customers. To every effective or possible customer, is guaranteed strong collaboration, in order to find out optimal solutions; so, every product made by ELTEC, could be exactly corresponding to expressed expectations.

We can offer to our customers the guarantee that every equipment reflects features of quality, security and reliability in time, with the highest respect of customer’s request and according to regulations.

tavolo da lavoro

ELTEC has an internal smt assembly lines equipped with the following machines:

- Silk-screen printer AUREL VS1520B
- Pick & Place i-PULSE Yamaha M4S
- Pick & Place Tenryu technics 5530 laser
- Reflows IEMME 760 and IEMME SMAC

all products are used in RoHS compliance.
A lot of electronic devices like digital multimeters Sit certified, oscilloscopes and RF spectrum analyzers completes our equipment.

linea SMT